Julia Stiles

Laura Dawn: What’s the last book you read that really rocked your world?

Julia Stiles: It’s a short one, just a poem, really: “Let America Be America Again” by Langston Hughes. Anything by Yeats.

LD: You performed with The Citizens Band in their string of NYC shows. I think what they’re doing, the way they mix art and politics, is so important—like a groovy clarion call to get in the game and help shape our country’s future. Why were you compelled to work with them?

JS: They are rock stars and sexy as hell. And it was for a good cause. Henry Street Settlement is the bomb and has been for a long time.

LD: What are your thoughts on love these days? How does love fit into your work?

JS: I am forever a romantic. I try to bring that into my work. I try not to be fooled by romance. Or work.

LD: But don’t you think every act of creativity is an act of love?

JS: Love always. “Love save all of us/Save us from ourselves” is a lyric written by Ms. Rain Phoenix, head of Papercranes and partner-in-crime [with] Citizens Band. I can’t think of anything more true. In my worst moments, I try to think about loving instead of hating. Creation versus destruction, know what I’m sayin’?


LAURA DAWN is the Creative & Cultural Director of MoveOn.org. Laura is a writer, director, editor, producer, artist organizer, national campaign strategist, singer, songwriter, and expert on the nexus of art & social change. Her work with MoveOn.org has helped to grow the organization into a 7 million-member progressive powerhouse and her media work for MoveOn has garnered over 50 million views online. Also an accomplished singer and recording artist, Laura regularly collaborates with worldwide electronic artist phenomenon Moby, most notably as the featured singer on his multiplatinum album Hotel and subsequent world tour, and on their noir/blues project, “The Little Death”.

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