Ocean Pleasant: Hey!

Tyler Blackburn: Hi Ocean. Nice to meet you.

OP: Nice to meet you, as well. You have a huge following, and as you mentioned before, it’s mostly youth. How do you use your voice and your image to instigate positive change within the demographic that follows you?

TB: That’s a great question. I’ve mentioned creating awareness for things like bullying have been great opportunities. Maybe it won’t be so instantaneous, but one of the biggest things I think we all can do is just try to live the best lives we can, and seek the best. If we seek the most happiness we can as individuals, it sort of bleeds into other people’s lives.

Instead of spreading antagonism or hate, try to make a positive remark about something. Small things like that. I’m not really big into Twitter and stuff, but I like to post really cool music videos, just sort of spread a positive light on things that interest me. As opposed to, “I hate so-and-so because they were wearing the same hat as me.” That’s just so pointless. The small things that we can do. Saying hi to somebody you normally wouldn’t say hi to, smiling at someone at the grocery store.

OP: I’m really curious as to how people can use their voices to change the world.

TB: I would say, lead by example as much as possible. There’s that quote: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” If you have an ideal world, your actions should follow suit. And that will sort of hopefully spread.

OP: That was Gandhi!

TB: Oh! That’s true.

OP: You’re quoting Gandhi up in here, Tyler!

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