By Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network International

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The Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN) International works to engage women worldwide as powerful stakeholders in climate change and sustainability solutions and to connect the activists, indigenous and business leaders, scientists, policy makers, and culture shapers who are at the forefront of the movement for social and environmental justice. Through women’s empowerment, advocacy campaigns, and on-the-ground trainings, WECAN International seeks to stop the escalation of climate change and environmental and community degradation.

“Across the globe, women are coming together with a fierce resolve to address climate change, aware that current national and international initiatives are insufficient,” said WECAN International cofounder and executive director Osprey Orielle Lake, author of Uprisings for the Earth: Reconnecting Culture with Nature. “We are calling for policies that protect life-giving air, water, soils, forests, and oceans. Violence against the earth, against women, and against future generations will no longer be tolerated.”

This September, civil society organizations worldwide, including WECAN International, will mobilize in the days preceding the United Nations Climate Summit 2014, demanding that politicians end years of stagnation and come to the table with innovative proposals and concrete commitments to climate action.

WECAN International will commence its actions on September 9 with the release of the WECAN International women’s climate action agenda. Drafted by more than one hundred international leaders at the organization’s summit in 2013, the agenda analyzes the root causes of the environmental destruction and social injustice which threaten people and planet, presenting recommendations and alternative solutions to the climate crisis.

“The agenda presents powerful recommendations and alternative solutions to the climate crisis, leaving no room for inaction as world leaders enter into climate negotiations this year,” Lake said.

On September 21, a WECAN International delegation will join thousands in raising their voices at the People’s Climate March in New York City. The march, expected to be the largest climate action on record, seeks to “bend the course of history,” drawing global attention and exerting direct pressure on attendees of the UN Climate Summit.

While in New York, WECAN International will additionally organize a Wall of Women action on September 21 and 22, linking in demonstration to convey guardianship of the Earth while advocating for the rights of communities and nature. Allies across the globe are encouraged to involve their local communities on these days with similar actions, including creating signage conveying local climate issues and solutions.

On the 22nd, WECAN International will host Women Leading Solutions on the Front Lines of Climate Change, an afternoon of female leaders joined in solidarity to speak out against environmental and social destruction and to present the diverse array of visions and strategies with which they are working to shape a healthy world.

To culminate events, signatures from the WECAN International women’s climate declaration, along with thousands of other signatures collected by The Global Call for Climate Action, will be presented at the UN Climate Summit. WECAN International encourages all those interested in declaring a commitment to ending the climate crisis to include their signatures at



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