Jonathan Tucker
Interview: Robert Piper

Robert Piper: What inspires you in life?

Jonathan Tucker: These are big questions, Rob, Jesus. What inspires me in life? The idea that the work and the rewards and the process is the thing.

RP: How do you stay healthy?

JT: I try not to be judgmental. I meditate twice a day. I get some sort of physical exercise. I infuse my life with love. I love what I do, the job.

RP: What type of research goes into preparing for a role?

JT: As much research as you possibly do in the limited time that you have.

RP: What kind of obstacles have you had to overcome in your life to be where you are today?

JT: The successes in the entertainment business are like one percent of the iceberg that you see, and the other ninety-nine percent, which is the rejection and the failure and the work and the toil and the sacrifice, is the rest of the iceberg that’s below the water.

RP: How do you stay balanced?

JT: I’m trying to be really synced. It goes back to the idea that, ultimately, the reward is the work. The staying balanced, it requires you to know that the work you’re doing right now is ultimately what is going to give you the sense of freedom that you’re hoping to find in a more realized life.

RP: Are you involved in any charities?

JT: I started a nonprofit called The Pegasus Fund, and we take top-performing students from underserved communities, and we commit to sending them for three summers to a nonacademic, holistic summer camp as a means to help them acclimate socially, geographically, spiritually to pilot secondary schools that they hope to attend.

RP: That’s wonderful. What kind of work do you do as far as holistically?

JT: One of the summer camps in particular that we send them to will kind of, by means of osmosis, allow them to more deeply connect with themselves and with the heavens.

Jonathan Tucker stars in Kingdom and has appeared in Parenthood, The Next Three Days, and In the Valley of Elah.



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