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Home Sanctuaries + Tips for Creating a Nurturing Space that Feeds Creativity and Spirit

Judy Aldridge, Creator, Atlantis Home



Q: What does living a beautiful life mean to you?

A: Waking up and feeling grateful for every day! This is so important now in this crazy time we live in. Surrounding myself with really good friends and keeping in touch with my family. And of course, sharing my home with my adorable Chihuahuas and one crazy Maltipoo!

Q: How do you create a sacred space at home and work?

A: My home is my work, and it changes all the time, so making it feel sacred is a real challenge! For me, it’s always lots of beautiful things to look at—plants, art, and lovely pieces of furniture.

Q: What inspires you?

A: Travel! We have a home in San Miguel de Allende, and there is a nearby neighborhood inhabited by artists. The entire neighborhood is covered in crazy murals. I love to walk around this neighborhood! I come home so inspired!

Q: What is essential to creating a personal sanctuary?

A: It’s so different for everyone. Some people need a lot of space, while others like to be completely surrounded by personal treasures. I’m a “more is more” kind of girl. My most sacred place is my bedroom. I recently installed huge vintage drape panels all around my bedroom. It feels so safe and cozy!

Q: How do you stay centered in the middle of chaos?

A: I think “chaos” is the buzzword for 2017! I tune out. No phone, no computer and I have not owned a television in twenty years. A big stack of art books and a pot of English breakfast tea is the perfect way to shut out the toxic!

Q: What drives your creativity?

A: I’m a little all over the place, so I create better when I’ve got a little routine going on. My routines kind of start and stop, so I have to make the most of the time when I’m

in a good creative place. I also need great music, which could be anything! Lots of imagery! I get a high from creating a beautiful space.

Q: Tips for designing a nurturing home/space?

A: First of all, lots of plants! Lots and lots—you won’t believe what a difference plants make! Surround yourself with things you really love. I’m a color person, so one of my favorite things to do is buy thrifted furniture with a French vibe, then recover these pieces in antique fabrics I’ve brought back from Antigua. These pieces feel so personal and special to me! They make me feel happy all of the time! Judy Aldridge is the the creator of, a blog chronicling her personal style and ever-changing.

Judy is an interior designer, art collector, and big-time upcycler, as well as a mom to two beautiful girls and nine four-legged kids.

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