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Tips for Creating the Perfect Raw Dessert

Laura Marquis

Sweets in the Raw: Naturally Healthy Desserts



Quality is key!

When making raw desserts every ingredient counts. From the fresh organic nuts to the in season fruit, there are no fake ingredients to cover up or mask the flavor of stale ingredients. Be picky when selecting to guarantee the most mouthwatering dessert every time.

Read the entire recipe before you start.

There is nothing worse than seeing an amazing recipe that you want to make only to get halfway through it and realize you needed to soak your cashews overnight or don’t have an ingredient or pan you need to complete it. I get over excited all the time to make new recipes, but taking the extra minute to read everything is so worth it.

Presentation is EVERYTHING

Okay well not everything, but almost! Remember people eat with their eyes first so try using things like molds, cake stands, fresh fruit and edible flowers to step up your presentation game.

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