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Creating a Life Less Ordinary

Tanya Galewski

Free Spirit. Travel Gypsy. Barefoot Bohemian.


Instagram: @wanderlustloverss


Q: What does living a beautiful life mean to you?

A: A beautiful life is doing everything that makes you happy. I’m talking about going to yoga in other countries instead of shopping, or hiking a bit longer to discover a hidden beach, instead of going to that famous ‘tourist’ beach. Nourishing your body with healthy food is important as well as surrounding yourself with positive people!

Q: What is essential to creating a personal sanctuary?

A: Natural light, because the sun simply makes everyone happy! Plants bring a fresh and humble atmosphere to any space, and who

doesn’t love to watch a happy plant grow and thrive? Appreciating simplicity is vital because we are exposed to so many material things and forget that you can achieve enlightenment within yourself. So no need to fill your place with a ton of things, just the necessities!

Q: What drives your creativity?

A: Creativity is personal, so do what you feel and don’t direct your creativity for others. Someone once asked me to tell them about a trip, so I went to show them a picture and they said, “Don’t show me the picture; describe it to me. Use your words to create the photo.” After, I showed them the picture and it was spot on with what they imagined! I’m driven by the idea of being inspired by others and giving back, hopefully inspiring people to go on an adventure.

Q: Tips for traveling?

A: Exploring the world and meeting new people along the way gives me my greatest sense of satisfaction. Be open-minded, whether it’s visiting a place that isn’t plastered all over social media or chatting to the lonely traveler with a backpack at the bus stop. Create your own adventure. I always read travel blogs for genuine suggestions and love hearing travel stories from fellow nomads along the way. Tan Tan the little medical science nerd from South Australia, who lived and loved Melbourne, married my favourite person in Bali and did a three-year stint in Amsterdam. Every weekend was an adventure in a new place, and now as a Sydney-sider, the journey will continue around Australia! Life is about living; wander often, wonder always!

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