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Nourishing Your Body & Spirit On the Go

Remi Ishizuka

Los Angeles-based health and fitness expert with a love for feeling good


Instagram: @rrayyme |


Q: What does living a beautiful life mean to you?

A: Finding something you truly enjoy doing and making time to do that every single day. It's being in sync with who you are, taking moments for yourself, and nurturing your mind, body, and soul. Specifically for me, that includes eating an abundance of color in my meals, being spontaneous, and surrounding myself with people who like to laugh.

Q: How do you nourish yourself?

A: By remembering to give my body a lot of self-love, and prioritizing my health and peace of mind. That comes in the form of sweating every day, starting my mornings slow, breathing in essential oils when I need to destress, and nourishing my body with whole foods, home-cooked meals, and lots of fruits and veggies.

Q: What is essential to your personal training routine and fitness?

A: I'm always on the go—either traveling or running around LA— so a flexible, minimal routine is crucial. I always carry my disc slides, booty bands, a thin mat, and a ball. As long as I have those things, I can get an amazing workout in just about anywhere. Also, I love to mix things up! Remembering that a workout can look like a hike, a swim in the ocean, or time in the gym is essential.

Q: How do you stay centered in the middle of chaos?

A: Mindfulness in a few different forms. Taking three deep breaths is a quick technique that I love! It slows my system down and reminds me that everything will pass no matter what. I also like to use my essential oils for a quick pick-me-up, or I'll step outside and breathe in fresh air. Even jogging in place or doing a quick stretch to get my blood flowing does the trick.

Q: What is essential to nurturing your creativity?

A: Nourishing my body with good foods and exercise, because that's when my mind is clearest. That's the beauty of eating clean foods! You feel more alert and focused, and I've found it's essential to my creativity. I also find that traveling provides tons of

inspiration. Whether it's seeing new sites, trying unique cuisines, or meeting people, getting out of my LA bubble always sparks creativity!

Q: Tips for travel?

A: In terms of what to pack: packing cubes to stay organized, healthy snacks, moisturizing skincare products in your carry-on, a face mask, and essential oils. In terms of what to do: Be spontaneous, go off trail, drive with no destination, leave your phone behind and follow your instincts—that's when the best memories are made!

Remi Ishizuka is a health and fitness expert with a love for fashion, beauty, travel—and feeling good. She’s a blogger turned health coach and Adidas ambassador who has built her brand on a balanced approach to healthy living. She loves sharing her passion for wellness through her social media and photography.

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