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Tips for a Great Smoothie

Foodie + smoothie bowl queen Sarah Kermali


Instagram: @sculptedpilates


Tips for a Great Smoothie

1. I've had so many smoothie blenders and I believe that a good blender is vital to achieve the perfect smoothie. The machine I had previously left so many cabbage pieces and cashew bits.

2. There are endless recipes for smoothies. Play around with them and have fun! It doesn't always have to be bananas and strawberries. Try different superfoods. Having a cacao and almond butter smoothie is delicious and healthy!

3. Green smoothies don't have to be just kale. There are so many options, like spirulina, spinach, or cucumbers with a dash of lime! It's important to have fun with what you're eating.

Tips for Good Hair and Glowing Skin

1. I love using natural products on my skin. I have been using tea tree oil since I was a teenager and it changed my life. My acne disappeared and my skin still looks youthful and retains a lot of moisture!

2. I love coconut oil as a skin replenisher. I use it for my children and their skin smells and feels wonderful.

3. Just remember, your skin and your body are organs that function off what you eat. Fuel your body well and it'll fuel you well.

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