Cirque Du Soleil Artist Gasya on Balancing Motherhood + Career (Literally)

Acrobat. Contortionist. Yogi. Mother. Online Viral Sensation.


Instagram: @gasya


Q: What are a few of your biggest challenges, balancing your career with motherhood?

A: I recall how challenging it was for me as a young woman, and certainly as a new mother of two to adapt my own lifestyle, training and expectations to fit into these new realities of mine. My body changed and I had to listen to it. I remember reading a lot in order

gain the best knowledge possible. My workouts have become less of an impact on my body as a whole and I mainly focus on living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. With two children by my side I can’t live any other way. The second challenge was putting my

own career on hold for a few years as we had our two children. I was born to be a performer and when I am not on a stage I miss it very much. I couldn’t have done this without the support of my husband, who is an acrobat/ performer himself.

Q: What do you swear by?

A: I’ve become quite the expert at keeping my energy levels high and constant throughout my day. Our children are full of energy and I don’t want to discourage that. I make sure I eat healthy and I swear by portion control. I eat little and often. My workouts I now take when I can. Either when my children are sleeping, or my favorite is when they wish to join me. To lead by example. This is another thing I swear by.

Q: A lesson you’ve learned in the last few years?

A: I’ve learned that every situation, whether positive or negative can be looked at in very different ways. I aim to focus my mind on the positives in everything that I do in life. Especially in those challenging moments. The goal is to have a happy and healthy outlook in life, to complement a happy, healthy body. It’s amazing how the smallest thing done by my children can bring the biggest smile to my face. My spirit is lifted for the whole day.