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Nurturing Your Spirit: Design Rules, Hacks and Tips For Creating Your Perfect Sanctuary

Carley Summers

Design Alchemist, Spirit Dweller, Photographer and Interior Stylist

Based in Greenville North Carolina


Photos by Carley Summers. Photo of Carley by Christina Cernik.


Design Rules I Follow

I usually base designs for a room off a rug or a show-stopping piece.


The Secret to Capturing Great Images of Your Home

Natural light! Waiting for the perfect time of day when the light hits the room just right is so important.


Essentials to Creating the Perfect Sanctuary

Plants! Always plants. Aside from lots of greenery, I think it’s also essential to have pieces in your personal sanctuary that tell a story or have meaning behind them. It’s also really important to just have some comfortable furniture.


Best Design Advice I Ever Received

To have patience when designing your home, because it takes time to curate your style. Also, to allow each piece that you put in your home to have a special voice.


Design Hack

If a space doesn’t feel right, don’t hesitate to move things around until it does. It might tick your husband off, but it’s worth it.

Tips for Designing a Nurturing Creative Space

Don’t compare your space with others. Add pieces that have sentimental value or significance to you. Pinterest is great, but your style in your home should be an image that flows from your own interests.

Creating a Space that Inspires You

I create little sacred spaces around my home where I feel God and a sense of peace. It is really important for me to create spaces where I feel refreshed and rejuvenated so that I can reflect on things that inspire me. After living and serving in Haiti periodically over the past six years, the culture there inspired my design and aesthetic.

The 411

Carley Summers is obsessed with photography, interiors and styling. Whether she’s traveling across the ocean to Morocco for design adventures or at home in North Carolina with her husband and her kitties, her life motto is to love others deeply and her faith is a big part of who she is.

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