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Creating Sacred Shelters for Spirit Dwellers + Fun Summer Outdoor Spaces

Designer Tamara Lee Beltran



Ways to Make Your Space Come Alive

Texture and lots of it! Layer your space with rugs, pillows and throws. More is more with the textiles and always top off your space with plenty of plants.

Design Hacks

When designing your zone, do what you want, do what makes you happy, not what’s trending or the color of the year. Next, use a pop of color, using that one color three times in the same room to pull it off.

Essentials For Designing a Home Sanctuary

Keep it comfortable and simplistic. When creating my meditation zone, I kept it simple and started with layers of rugs, topping it off with two shiatsu mattresses for max comfort, with soft glowing candles and twinkle lights to set the mood. Add music, incense or cones and bring in spiritual objects to bring in the energy of spirituality. Each object can be placed with an intention for going deep within your heart and soul.

The 411

Tamara is a designer, decorator, stylist, blogger, wife and mother to three beautiful daughters. Most days you can find her with a big ol’ bun, music on, incense burning and coffee in her hand.

Photos: Rachel Zee

Hair and Makeup: Tiffany Garrett

Wardrobe: Nicole Lilly

Marysu Erickson

Cassia Forêt

Floral Design and Creative Visuals

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