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Color, Color, Color! Design Hacks, Driving Creativity, + Developing Your Own Style

Alisha Johns

Based in Los Angeles

Founder + Creative Director, LISH Creative



Best Advice

Outsource tasks that aren’t in your zone of genius! It frees you up to do more of the work you love.

Design Rules

I am all about less is more and giving things room to breath with some negative space.

Secrets for Capturing Great Images

Practice, practice and more practice! Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors, lighting and compositions. It takes a long time to develop your personal style.

The Importance of Color

​Color represents freedom! When I was working for someone else at a 9-5 job, all of the work that we did was dark and moody. When I left my job to start my own business it was like I broke free and was finally able to use color to express my creativity.

​Something I Wish I Had Known at Twenty

When I was in college I was so stressed about getting the best job out there. I wish I would’ve poured more into my own creative endeavors and developed my style even sooner!

Inspiration That Nurtures

Making time to get out and travel makes me more productive when I’m back at work. Getting lost and finding color in a new city is so exciting to me.

Essentials For Creating Your Personal Sanctuary

I love being surrounded by a lot of white space with pops of color. I think we all need to find the environment that allows us to be most creative!

5 Tips for Designing a Nurturing Space:

  1. Surround yourself with things that bring you joy

  2. Choose a color palette that matches your personality

  3. Find pieces that are both practical and pretty

  4. Hang your favorite piece of art in an area you frequent

  5. Clear clutter often

Driving Creativity

It’s important for me to make time to create just for myself, not just for clients. Sometimes playing around with a camera just for fun can be so healing!

Ways to Make a Space Come More Alive?

Find art that really speaks to you and surround yourself with it. I am Instagram (and real-life) friends with almost all of the artists who adorn my walls and I love knowing the person behind each piece!

Design Hacks

Always start with color palette and build out the project from there. Those colors should be weaved into everything you work on!

“The harder you work, the luckier you get”

ORIGIN Rapid Fire

Where do you do most of your collecting?


If you had to design a room in one color, what would it be?


What hashtags do you use to find awesome design on Instagram?

Where do you start when you remake a room?

With a color palette!

What's the fastest way to shift a space?

Add a pop of color!

One of your favorite quotes:

“The harder you work, the luckier you get”

Something we wouldn't know about you?

I live in LA but am originally from Pittsburgh!

The 411

Alisha Johns is the stylist and photographer behind LISH creative - a content agency for vibrant lifestyle and hospitality brands. Her clients include Old Navy, Lenscrafters, among others, and her work has been featured by Mashable & The Huffington Post.

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