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Sometimes a Rainbow Throws Up in Your House!

Emily Jeffords

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


What is some of the best advice you have ever received?

"It won't feel like this for forever." That applies to good moments —so enjoy them—and painful ones, so remember they will pass. It's helped me stay present in moments as well as mentally kind of exit them as needed.

Dealing With Crazy Days

Give in to the chaos and having a sense of humor about it. Sometimes there are bad days and instead of looking around all the dishes and the workload and the toddler clinging to my thigh and wanting to sob, I take it minute by minute and just do what I can. Sometimes desperately trying to fix the chaos makes it worse, so that's when you play hooky and take your kid to the park to breathe in fresh air.

Creating A Nurturing, Calm Personal Sanctuary

My personal sanctuary is my tub. Candles, music, face masks, a million oils and salts, but the most essential part of this cleansing occasion is letting go of any negativity or anxieties - easily the most difficult part, ha!

Essentials For Your Nest

Tastes, sounds, smells, soft lighting and soft textures. I have an insane amount of candles - there is at least one on nearly surface of my home. We always have music playing - reggae, sci-fi movie sound tracks, indie music, whatever the mood calls for. Fresh fruit and veggie trays with hummus on the bar. Always offering delights and small details for our senses! Oh, and pillows. I'm a notorious pillow hoarder.

Are there any design rules you follow?

Have fun with it, don't take yourself too seriously, and don't be afraid to be you. I got caught up in a neutral phase because it was safe and popular, and I hated it. I went with my gut and stripped my space - and while it occasionally looks like a rainbow threw up in my house, I feel at home within these corners and within my sense of style.

The Unexpected is Eye-Catching

Put treasures in unexpected places. Plants in coffee mugs, baskets clustered on a wall trailing up to the ceiling, necklaces hanging from the window like a suncatcher, a wooden pants hanger to hang a poster instead of having it framed. Unexpected is eye-catching.

The 411

I'm married to my soulmate, Jason, and we have a kind, gentle, and hilarious toddler named Jack. We recently adopted a blind kitten named Luna, from a local shelter and her "seeing eye kitten" best friend, Lemon. I run an Etsy shop selling vintage home decor, sell jewelry locally, and have recently started styling events.

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