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Throw Pillows, Angles, Dressing Up Terra Cotta Pots, and Layers on Layers!

Spencer Monk


Bunnlevel, North Carolina


Feeling At Home

I prefer to decorate with lots of color in my home because it makes me feel happy, and I hope it gives my guests that feeling as well! There is no greater feeling than when a guest tells you they feel “at home” in your home.


Nature! I could walk into a greenhouse and instantly feel inspired by all of the eye-catching plants that I find there, whether it’s the color palettes, shapes or textures.

Creative Exploration

Exploring! Whether it’s your local parks, thrift shops, craft stores, etc! My creative juices always get flowing when I’m out and about adventuring and checking out new places!

ORIGIN Rapid Fire

1. Where do you shop to find your favorite pieces?

Small businesses, Home Goods, World Market or TJ Maxx.

2. If you had to design a room in one color, what would it be?

Definitely green, there is no doubt. I had a lime green bedroom as a kid and I’ve loved the color green ever since!

3. What hashtags do you use to find awesome design on Instagram?

A few of my favorites are #jungalowstyle and #apartmenttherapy

4. Where do you start when you remake a room?

I usually like to start with the bigger furniture items, then work my way to the smaller details.

5. What's the fastest way to shift a space?

Throw pillows! They can change up the look in the snap of a finger!

6. One of your favorite quotes:

“Don’t postpone joy.”

7. Something we wouldn't know about you?

I’m the middle child of FIVE!

Never Feel Obligated!

Just go with the flow! You should never feel obligated to follow what’s “in” or “trendy” if it doesn’t suit you. Maybe it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but hey, it makes me happy!

Five tips for designing a nurturing home:

1. Scent! Having a great aroma throughout your home really sets the mood. I love filling my home with candles.

2. Plant babies! Plants are not only great for purifying the air, but they also make a space feel more like home!

3. Layers on layers! I enjoy filling my couch with layered pillows and textiles. This gives your living space a cozy and relaxing vibe.

4. Color! Figure out what color scheme works for you and run with it! For me, I love including every color under the rainbow.

5. Meaningful pieces! I love those added objects that have a special place in your heart, whether it was passed down or bought recently because it reminded you of someone special.

Snuggle Up and Relax

I think when you’re creating a personal sanctuary, it needs to be somewhere you enjoy and that allows you to relax. My favorite place to unwind is in our cozy little living room. You can find me snuggled up on our couch, surrounded by cloud-like pillows, fuzzy blankets and the aroma of a seasonal candle.

Into the kitchen: potatoes!

Aside from home decorating, I’m a spud-loving gal. Let’s talk potatoes, people! Mashed or baked?! Tater tots or hash browns?! These are the important questions.

Getting great images:

Angles! Changing up the angles can give an image a completely different vibe. I love shooting down a wall or behind a cascading plant.

Dress Up Your Pots

Play dress-up with your pots! Upholstery trim is a wonderful added touch. I’ve dressed up a few of my terra cotta pots with some and it really gives them an entirely new look!

The 411

I am from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and am married to my high school sweetheart, Austin. We’re a military family and share our home with our two fur babies, Kelso and Scout. We both grew up in North Carolina and love to call this state home.

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