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Letting Your Inner Jungle Run Wild: A More is More, No-Excuses Guide to a Beautifully Styled Home

Suzy Coassin, Momagency


Instagram: @momagency


Design rule

“More is more” is definitely something that comes natural to me.

How do you create a space that nurtures you at home and work?

A love of indoor plants helps to bring a great balance to work and home. Plants in the workplace take out the stale feeling of being at work and enhance the vibe of bringing the outside in. Plants are a fantastic styling tool for the office to create a screen without being too corporate and intimidating. For home, you can be more creative and let your inner jungle run wild no matter how big or small. There is a plant for everyone.

What is essential to creating a personal sanctuary?

Surround yourself with things you love. Your decor should reflect you, your experiences and your travels, and not represent a staged home. Display your stories, whether through photos from your favorite place, artifacts collected from numerous trips to faraway lands, or textiles and rugs that you have fallen in love with over time. Don’t hide it all away in a cupboard waiting for a rainy day; get it all out and fill your home with your collections that you love.

How do you create a styled home with a young family?

Far too often, people neglect a space looking finished with the excuse of a family. I have two young boys (two-and-a-half and five years old) and they are the most active little boys you can get. I don’t let that get in the way of a decorated home. I have selected pieces that can handle them, and my basket hoarding comes out to house all their toys. Our living room is our dance floor, catwalk, picnic spot, tantrum HQ, movie cinema and everything in between, so I’ve made sure we have a large, durable rug that is dark in color to disguise all the chips smashed on the floor, drinks spilled… and let’s not forget the dog hair! I’m definitely all about a no-excuses guide to a beautifully styled home.

What is essential to nurturing your creativity or what drives your creativity?

My biggest drive to my creativity and my biggest outlet is my Instagram account. I share curated beautiful homes that belong to people all over the world and come up with a design tip on how to get the look. This keeps me feeling creative, and because of the amount of homes I feel lucky enough to see through the amazing community on Instagram, I am constantly getting new ideas for my clients and myself.

What are some secrets for capturing great images?

When taking photos of a home, you definitely need to style to get a great shot. Vignettes always look best in a photo and capture the true personality of the space.

Color, color, color! Why is it so important?

Color is a great way to express yourself. It tells an instant story about what sort of person you are if you play with color. Some people perceive it to be brave to use color with the fear of getting tired of the chosen hue. For me, if you love it you can’t go wrong, and there are subtle tricks to using color if you’re not ready to go all in.

Where do you shop to find your favorite pieces?

Flea markets or thrift stores.

What hashtag do you use to find awesome design on Instagram?

What do you wish you would've known at 20?

Not caring what people think. I believe there is a certain confidence that comes when you move out of your 20s. You make choices and do things for you and only you, not only in lifestyle but fashion and decor as well.

The 411:

Suzy Coassin is an Australian interior stylist and the founder and creator of @momagency, an Instagram account dedicated to sharing curated interior decor with design tips for how to get the look.

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