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Scandinavian Styling with an English Twist

Tina Lea

English Design Aficionado and Lover of Clean, Muted Scandinavian Tones.


Instagram: @esther_sch_

Interior photos: Tina Lea

Photo of Tina: Georgia Taylor


What is some of the best advice you have ever received?

Be true to yourself always and never stop trying.

What is your design philosophy/ style?

The Scandinavian movement is one of the biggest influences when it comes to my personal style regarding interior design. Personally, I love Scandinavian interiors because of the functionality and minimalistic style. I like clean, muted Scandinavian tones. I tend to stick to white walls, in order to keep the focal point of my images on the art and the furnishings themselves. I like to incorporate different textures in order to create a sense of depth within my interior design, which I think makes my styling stand out from the crowd.

Ways to brighten everything up?

Fresh flowers/natural lighting. The odd vase here or there really brings together a room for me. Natural lighting within my interior photography is also important to me, as I feel like it keeps my photos looking fresh and complements the furnishings beautifully.

Why is white your color?

I love to use white in my interior design because it brings a sense of calm and serenity to my home space and also incorporates the clean style of Scandinavia.

Tips for designing a nurturing space?

+ Don’t be scared to have your own style or try something new. A house truly becomes a home with rare finds and family heirlooms.

+ Texture is a great way of adding warmth to any home. Try adding throws, pillows and plants.

+ Always look for functional, well-made furniture. It will last a lifetime.

Any design hacks you wanna share?

Mirrors. They really bring light into a room, and they can give the impression of a larger space. Definitely a worthwhile investment for any interior style.

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