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Bold, Eclectic, Maximalism and Dark, Dramatic, Digs

Pati Robins

Photographer. Maximalist. Collector of Eclectic Finds


Instagram: @patirobins

DIY, thrift, vintage, home design, home decor

What's Your Creative Story?

After moving from Poland to the United Kingdom, I have been renovating our rented handicap-accessible home one DIY at a time—from plastering to tiling, from tears and tantrums to a complete project in our ever-evolving family home.


Work hard and be nice to people.

Spirit Animal

Monday to Saturday, it would be a donkey. We both have fairly big-looking heads, and we are both stubborn. On Sundays, I am more of a sloth.

Why I Started Creating

We couldn’t afford a handyman or a professional to fix up our rented home. I decided to try to learn a bit of DIY, and over the years I got braver and did more and more things. I am very stubborn, so I will sit and DIY until I do it.

Break The Rules

Why put restrictions on your creativity? You can have so much more fun picking pieces that you love.

Color, Pattern, Texture

Color is one of three major factors that make the whole space come alive, alongside pattern and texture. Color in any room makes me relaxed, energized and filled with good vibes. It sounds a little cliché, but it works for me.

Finding Bargains

I love a good bargain. I am forever looking through sites like Gumtree and eBay. Finding a fab item at a great price gives me a massive buzz.

Your Best Friend

The simplest design hack— spray paint is your best friend. It can transform any object into something new and fresh.

Life Inspo

I get my inspiration from the world around me—the cafés I go to, the people I surround myself with. My biggest inspiration is my own mum—against all odds she managed to juggle two jobs, take care of me and my brother, and handle whatever else life threw at her. She always stayed very positive.

Best Advice

Be yourself, have fun in life and make sure you are a good human. We are given only a short time living on Earth; it’s important not to waste it by holding grudges or being self-absorbed, so I try to devote my time to helping others.

How Does Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Affect Your Family?

I am a veteran’s wife. I have seen my husband at his best and at his lowest—besides physical illness, his mental health can go up and down depending on a situation or a trigger. I don’t want to sound like I am feeling sorry for myself or trying to grab attention, but in the years we have been together, when seeing medical professionals or friends, a simple “How are you?” or “Are you ok?” directed to a family member is a rarity. When your loved one is affected by PTSD, it also affects you—not to the same extent, but it takes a huge toll on your own mental health. When he’s not sleeping, you are up too. You have to try to stay uplifted in order to “lift him up.” It can be challenging. This is why I work with military charities—not only to help our veterans but also to support their loved ones. I believe that a simple word and random act of kindness can change and potentially save a person’s life. Sometimes, a conversation could be the first conversation that person has had in days with someone other than their loved ones.

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