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Green Living: 100+ Plants and Counting!

Lindsay Wallstrum




Do what you love.

Indoor Jungles

The main grounding color within our home is green, plants! Creating an indoor jungle has added so much color and life into our space. I find such peace and serenity in being surrounded by plants. Not only are they beautiful to look at but they provide health benefits as well.

Take Your Time

I take my time. Designing a meaningful space takes time. Understanding that upfront will 'help with the anxiety of it all coming together. I am so glad I took my time with our house be - cause it allowed me to choose pieces that I truly love and are special to me. When I was younger, I was so eager to have a space that was “done” that I would rush into purchases and never 'have a truly cohesive space.

Hashtags I Love

What motivated you to start?

A desire for a creative outlet.

Design Hacks

1. Be yourself. Ultimately if you find pieces that truly mean something to you, you will be happy in your space.

2. Essential oil sprays have been a total game changer. Having two dogs is amazing but can come along with some challenges in the scent department. Making my own essential oil spray keeps things fresh and is safe for the pups. In the morning, I love to open every window in the house and give each room a light spritz.

The 411

My husband and I live in Petaluma, California with our 100+ plant babies and two dogs, Zeus and Lolo. I’m a California native who loves all things plants, design, and no particular order.

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