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Let Me Live Among The Wildflowers

Elizabeth Dalton


Dreamer. Creator. Avid Tea Drinker


What’s Your Life Like in Northern Ireland?

I live on a farm outside a small village in the west of Northern Ireland. Think green fields, lots of open space, old buildings and now little cutting patches along with rusty old wheelbarrows, pots and anything I can get my hands on around the farm filled with flowers as I make a start on our garden.

Any Fav Flowers?

So hard to pick a favorite! Wildflowers particularly, like poppies and daisies are high up the list. I think daisies, are such happy flowers, and poppies come in so many varieties. Their delicate paper-like petals are so beautiful.

Photo Apps

I edit with VSCO, and I edit each picture differently, not always sticking to the same filters. I like to think of it as editing with feeling. Go with what the mood was at the time of the picture.

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