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Refresh Your Space: No Bad Vibes

Rachel South

Founder/Curator, Smoke & Meteors



Creating Your Space

I like to live and work in a space where I can see my whole life around me. Where I can come home and be reminded of the places my life partner, Ryan, and I have traveled to and the colors that make up our life. One way we do this is by layering our textiles all over our home and workspace. If there’s an empty space on the floor, better believe we will fill it with a rug!

Refresh Your Space

We all need a little refresh every once in a while. It’s good for the mind and soul, plus it gets our creative juices flowing with new ideas! My number one for a refresh is to switch out your rug(s). Rugs make a room. They have the ability to bring in color or neutralize the color. They can make a space look bigger or smaller. I personally like to layer rugs for a little extra texture, and I like pattern on pattern. If you need a new look, try switching out the rug and see what it does to your space. Throw pillows are also an excellent way to add texture and color. I am a pillow fanatic and have too many for my own good, but switching them out is just like changing the rug. My next hack for a refresh would be plants. Plants add so much life into a space. You can add a statement plant like a large bird-of-paradise or fiddle-leaf fig to create height. You can also add small succulents and cactus as fun accents to your space. It is nice to have beautiful organisms growing before your eyes in your own home. Rugs and plants can instantly change a space; I switch them up all the time!

5 Things You Need For a Kickin' Party

A full moon, avocados, Moroccan pillows, Slip ’N Slide and cake—not necessarily in that order!

Something I’d Never Have in My Home

Bad vibes! Leave those at the door, please and thank you!

Something We Wouldn’t Know About You?

I live in the desert and I’m deathly afraid of lizards and anything that crawls… which is basically everything out here. SEND HELP!

Life Motto

Find that magical place in your world and live there. I’d say I live in a little bit of fantasy, and I thrive when my reality reflects the colors, ideas and outlandish quirks in my brain.

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