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Life in the English Countryside

Bex Partridge


Surrey, England


Country Living

In Surrey I live in the leafy county of Surrey in England. We are spoiled with beautiful countrysides where we live, with the historical North Downs trail beginning in my town. The town where I live was historically a market town, and many of the old buildings still remain. We live in a house close to the center that is situated off a dirt track. It’s my haven in the midst of a bustling town center. We are lucky to have plenty of open green space walking distance from our house, including a stretch of ancient water meadows with the River Wey softly snaking its way through.

Living Thoughtfully

Mindful living to me simply means having an element of consciousness to your everyday life. Anyone can live slowly even if for only a portion of their days; knowing how busy jobs and daily stresses can be, it’s often hard to maintain a “slow” pace of life all the time. Just be sure you are pausing regularly to undertake activity consciously, rather than just rushing through things—even even a simple thing like leaving your phone at home when you take a walk or choosing a different route to the office so your brain is forced to switch on and not take you places on autopilot. It is achievable and accessible to us all!

"There is nothing in nature that blooms all year long, so don't expect yourself to, either."

Wildflower Love

I have a soft spot for wildflowers like forget-me-nots and borages, both of which grow in my garden. What I find fascinating about these plants is that once they are pollinated, they change color from blue to a soft pink to signify to bees and butterflies that they are no longer suitable for pollination. Nature is so clever, it blows my mind sometimes! One particular bloom that has won my heart this summer is echinacea. It’s a haven for bees and butterflies, and the individual flowers last for weeks, making it a brilliant addition to my garden. I live and grow by the seasons, using the flowers and vegetables that I grow on my allotment and in my garden to bake with and make art. I have a passion for preserving the beauty of flowers and making art that allows you to bring the seasons and nature into your home.

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