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Slow Country Living

Ranveig Lia


Instagram: @ranli_

Porsgrunn, Norway


What’s Your Story?

I live in Porsgrunn, a small city on the south coast of Norway. I am married, have two adult boys and work as a visual merchandiser at a big clothing company.

Designers Who Inspire Me

My friend @vibekedesign, who is from the same city, and @hildemork78 are some of my biggest favorites. Other Scandinavian Instagram profiles that inspire me a lot are @poppyloveyou, @atmycasa, @christinagreve.

Something I’ll Never Have in My Home

I will never have a sofa made of leather or imitation leather in my home.

Changing Seasons

I think color is so important, because it is what makes everything come alive. For me, colors represent the different seasons, which I always try to show in my pictures. I especially love the golden colors of the fall we have here in Norway!

Something We Wouldn’t Know

I live in a house that my greatgrandfather built nearly a hundred years ago.

Hashtags I Love

Some of my favorite hashtags are #inspiredbypetals and #underthefloralspell

Best Advice I’ve Received

You should stay true to your own style and not do what everybody else is doing. Be yourself!

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