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Travel is Good For The Soul

Ana Linares



Mindful Living

Slow living to me is all about enjoying the moment and forgetting about everything else in that very moment. It’s being present and learning to be grateful every single day.

Travel Hack

I like setting Google alerts for tracking airfares to particular destinations; they email you when the prices drop!

Flower I Love

Cherry blossoms are my favorite photography subject; they bring back memories of my childhood and NY in the spring. I highly recommend New York in the spring. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is the best place to photograph some of the loveliest cherry trees!

Photo Advice

Lighting is everything! You will capture a beautiful photo if you understand lighting, balance and composition of the subject in the frame. I love editing my photos with Lightroom and A Color Story.

Favorite Cafés in NYC

Maman in New York has the best atmosphere, pastries and dishes. Dante in NYC is a great spot from morning to night. Always ask the locals for the best restaurant recommendations; online reviews can be tricky at times. It’s my rule of thumb when visiting new cities.

Authors I Love

Milan Kundera, Gabriel García Márquez and Julio Cortázar.

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