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5 Hair Tricks for Maintaining Healthy, Strong Hair this Fall


Color-Safe Formulas

If you’re ready to swap out those flip-flops and highlights for some cozy boots and darker, bolder hues, now is the time. One of the biggest struggles when going bold is the tendency for locks to lose their luster after even just one wash. Be sure to use a sulfate-free, color-safe shampoo to preserve your strong, bold look. Another color trick as winter approaches is to go for the lowlights. Lowlights are darker strands of color woven into your natural hair color to create depth and dimension.

Don't Give Up, Give In

Don’t fight it. Fall is a great time to showcase your natural waves and curls. Don’t let humidity and rainy weather wear you down. Instead, embrace those beautiful locks and invite Mother Nature to come on in. Choose products that are lightweight and create definition. Depending on your hair type, hair balms, taming creams and even a lightweight leave-in conditioner can work wonders to accentuate your natural hair texture.

Don't Forget To Tame Your Mane

One of the biggest hair hurdles during the fall season is frizz. To combat flyaways and all-out static attacks, reach for a serum that can tame your mane. Make sure to choose a product that contains some of nature’s natural frizz fighters, such as shea butter, sweet almond, macadamia, argan, baobab, moringa, jojoba and coconut oils. These gifts from Mother Nature help wrap strands to lock in moisture and eliminate frizz. Serums also add shine and can be added to wet or dry hair when styling. Don’t forget to start from the ends of the hair, and work upward, to prevent over-saturating your roots.

Dry Scalp and Weathered Strands

You might think that humidity and rain mean less chance for dry scalp and weathered strands, but the reality is that during the cooler months, we often blast our thermostats, creating even more stress on our locks. Cooler weather also makes us shy away from the practice of letting our tresses air dry naturally, and we find ourselves turning into blow-dryer junkies. Let’s face it, blow drying those locks before bed can be a lifesaver. Try adding a hair mask or hot oil treatment to your weekly hair regimen to combat dry scalp and worn-out tresses. Another helpful tool is keeping a humidifier running indoors during the winter months to keep hair and skin from drying out.

Showcase Those Gorgeous Locks

Now is the time to showcase those gorgeous locks, let go of those ponytails and updos, and let it all hang down. Not only does hair add another layer of warmth on those chilly mornings, but it’s a part of your unique beauty. Wear it boldly. When pinning up tresses, try loose, soft clips for a healthy, timeless look and to reduce hair breakage. If you’re tempted to bundle up with a hat, try adding a silk scarf between hair and topper to reduce static, and don’t forget to drop a travel-size hair spritz in your handbag for a quick re-volumizing when it comes off.

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