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Botanicals, Green Living and The Modern Bohemians

Kimberly Wynn

Video Production & Design



The creative life

Because I work from home, it was so important for us to create a space that I would be comfortable in for hours at a time. I spend most of my day indoors—which us why we brought the outdoors in. Nature inspires all of my decor and there isn’t a single room in our home without plants.

Creating balance as an entrepreneur

Lots of organization. My husband and I work very hard at our production company, but we know how to have fun as well! Schedule out work time and reserve days to hang out with friends and family. What’s life without good company?

5 essentials for a great party

A firepit, comfortable weather, delicious food, a fun board game and, of course, good company.

Green living hack

Run a humidifier in your plant room to create moisture, especially in the winter months. Your tropical plants will thank you.

Hashtags for inspiration

The 411

When she’s not telling stories through her production company, Plaid Collar Films, Kimberly Wynn loves to decorate her home and nurture all her green leafy babies.

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