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Dutch, Earthy, Vintage Living

Andrea de Groot



Best advice you’ve received

Don’t judge without knowing.

Hashtags I love

Any rules you follow?

I don’t follow any rules; I follow my heart.

Transformation on a budget

If you want to change the look of a room but have a limited budget, paint one or more walls in a daring color. Soft colors obviously update a room, but if you’re looking for that wow effect, go bold. Hague Blue, Mustard Yellow or Terra Red are such colors. And if you don’t like it, repaint it a neutral white!

Creating a nurturing nest

I feel good when I’m surrounded by plants and flowers. In your (home) office, a plant or two can make a world of difference for the atmosphere. Plants are often air-purifying. The use of air-purifying plants could remedy ailments such as a dry throat or stinging eyes. And music! Wherever I am, I turn on the radio! In our house, we have radios in four different spaces playing day and night. I’m afraid I’d even sing in a completely quiet home.

Choosing Paint Colors

Request sample colors and select four. Stick these onto the wall in the space you wish to paint or wallpaper. Then pick your favorite two. Sleep on it and look at it again, and then pick whatever feels right. Then it’s a matter of going for it; don’t doubt your choice. Throw out all the samples you’re not using! Now you can get started with your paint or wallpaper.

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