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Living With Intention: Mama Bungalow, Global Wares and Life Wisdom

Lita Lee

Founder of Crave Interiors



What I wish I had known when I started

Find mentors!!! You think you know what you’re doing, but you don’t! Find someone that has done it before. Develop a relationship. Buy them lunch! Give them a call and always show them your gratitude. This knowledge is priceless.

Work-life balance with a family

The best advice I ever heard was this: “The best thing you can ever do for your children is to be the best version of yourself.” When I heard this, it meant I had to unite being a mom an interior stylist. When supper rolls around, you have to put everything away and unplug every once in a while.

Transformative life wisdom I've received

Learn to say no without explaining yourself.

Healthy living + shifting your mood

For me, I try to make an effort to practice gratitude each day. Whether it’s a small gesture by checking in with someone to show them I care or intentionally being aware of a moment and being thankful for it, I find it has helped lift my mood and gives me more purpose in my everyday life.

Wellness work tip

I would say, take care of you first! Get a proper night’s sleep, eat well, exercise and live a

healthy lifestyle. If you burn out, so will your business.

Design hacks

I always try to have some form of contrast in a space. Whether it’s warm wood tones, bright or opposing colors or contrasting textures it’s a rule I keep in the back of my mind so the space won’t feel dull.

Refresh your space

The best way to refresh a space is to add new textures. You can do this easily by updating a couple pillows on your sofa or a cute new throw on your bed!

Painting advice

When it comes to painting, always do the edge work first! You’ll thank yourself later after a long day of painting when you don’t have to climb up and down a ladder or get down on your hands and knees.

Design tip

What I like to do before purchasing a new piece for the house, whether that is art or a vase, is to envision it working in at least three places in my house. If I ever need to shuffle it to another space, I won’t need to buy something new down the road!

Hashtags for great design

Best advice you've received

Take every chance you get in life, because some things only happen once.

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