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Slow Living, Wild Poppies, and the Art of Crafting

Margibell Elvira Frederiksen


Instagram: @elvirasstory


Crafting, Reading, Baking: The Slow Life

Slow living, for me, is to live a meaningful life. To live in the moment and be present. To appreciate the little things. It’s about taking time to do all those slow things, like reading, crafting and spending time with loved ones. Making delicious food and baking. Spending time in nature, like sitting by the sea for hours, just in my own thoughts.

Wild Poppies

My favorite flowers are poppies. Mostly the wild red ones. I love how they grow on the roadsides, mixed in with the green grass, making the poppies really stand out so beautifully.

Recommended Books

I love vintage floral books because of their beautiful illustrations. They also have a lovely faded and used look that I really like. On being creative, I would recommend reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Gift Idea

Every summer, I collect seeds from wild flowers to plant in my garden or I make a little package with seeds as a gift to someone.

VSCO + Capturing Images

When photographing, I make sure to shoot in daylight and never use artificial light. I also avoid photographing in direct sunlight. I use the VSCO app for editing, which is a nice and easy way to edit photos.

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