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Tips for Arranging & Keeping Flowers Fresh

Dawn Schillinger

Creator + Founder, Earthbaby Flowers


PHOTOS : Billye Donya Photography


Any tips on arranging flowers?

Start with the fillers and greens and use the larger floral heads to create some pop. If you’re clustering any flowers, always stick with triplets or odd numbers. Use the flowers that dance to create interest and movement. But, most importantly, do what feels right within! Just go with it. I love to watch the process unfold, and in the end it’s always a pleasant surprise.

Any tips or secrets to keeping your flowers fresh?

There are so many ways to keep your flowers happy! Flowers are strong and they survive the elements (well, some of them!), but in general it’s always a good idea to keep them cool, out of direct sunlight and in clean (bacteria-free) water. If you get an arrangement from someone, just swap out the water every couple of days or so to keep those heads happy!

Dawn is the Creator + Founder of Earthbaby Flowers, an e-commerce floral company that specializes in non-traditional blooms for weddings + gatherings.

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