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Flatlays, Flowers and Beauty

Marlene Gonçalves

A Portuguese Creator Living in Brussels

Instagram: @thanksalatteblog


Fav Winter Tea

Cinnamon apple spice!

Winter Home Essentials?

A warm blanket and hot chocolate!

Authors I Love

José Rodrigues dos Santos, J.K. Rowling (I’m a Harry Potter fan!) and Stephen Hawking.

True Beauty Is

Feeling good about myself, on the outside and on the inside.

What’s Your Story?

I left my country, family, language and everything I knew behind and took that step that changed my life and gave me more than I would have imagined.

Living in Brussels

I love Brussels! This city became my second home, and I love it mostly during winter! Christmas markets, hot chocolate and ice skating!

Any Advice on Self-Care and Wellness?

You are worth it, and you are an amazing human being. Do not fear; do not let others take you down. Be kind and fearless. Try. Challenge yourself. Make time for treating yourself (a spa or a simple bubble bath) and surround yourself with people that care for you. And be kind: kindness will return to you.

The Art of Slow Living

Coziness, calm, patience—enjoy the small things in life. Slow living means to enjoy fully the many good things in life.

Why I Travel

The most important thing for me is knowledge—about culture and about people. Seeing new places. Learning new languages. Changing. Evolving.

One of My Greatest Lessons

You need to be patient in life, and don’t let minor, everyday issues affect you.

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