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The Art of Slow Living: Baking, Cooking, Gardening, Playing with Petals

Annelie Andersson




What is Slow Living?

Live in the moment. Enjoy the little things. Choose and adjust. Let go. Schedule moments for yourself, time with your family or just doing nothing. Live, enjoy the ride and go with the flow. Self-care and Wellness Kundalini yoga gave me the right tools and helped me back after a period of stress and burnout.

Greatest Lesson of Mine

Good enough is good enough.

Great Advice

Received In times of trouble, ask yourself if you in any way can influence the situation. If not, let go.

Taking Care of Plants

Water moderately, plants adjust. Remove withered flowers and leaves and the plant will thank you. Remember to enjoy all the seasons from the very first small bulbs in the soil to the time when everything bursts with beauty and then to the withered end.

Flower I Love

I do love tulips. So wish I could have them in my garden but unfortunately the deer love them more than I do.


Photography, baking and gardening.

What I Mostly Bake

A couple of years ago I suddenly got rosacea so I changed my diet to gluten- and dairy-free as well as no refined sugar. That is why I have so many recipes within this category. I learned how to bake bread with naturally gluten-free flours. I don’t do mixes and after some time I started to make my own recipes. I love to inspire and share my experiences as well as my recipes.

Books and Authors I Love

I am a member of two book clubs so I read a lot. At the moment I am really fascinated by Elena Ferrante’s series that only gets better. One of the very best books lately is All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.

Fav Winter Tea

Licorice tea.

Place I Love

Our small summer house on Gotland, Sweden’s largest island located in the Baltic Sea. This is my summer paradise by the sea and the sunsets. The light here is unique and a peaceful feeling always comes to me when driving off the ferry. This island is all about beauty, nature, raukar, beaches, pine forests, stones, a unique flora and that special calm.

Creative Ideas That I Love

I am inspired by so many things. One thing that I really love is playing with petals. This creative process fills me with energy, and at the same time it’s like meditation. Whoever came up with the idea of picking flowers, disassembling them and then putting them back again in different formations was a genius.

Photo Advice

I started shooting manual and in RAW just a couple of years ago, and this helped introduce me to Lightroom. I find the developing process just as creative and fun as the styling and shooting. I love creating images.

What is Beauty?

There is beauty in everything; you just need to look.

Always In My Home in Winter

Candles, saffron and tulips.

Recent Discovery

The returning trend of dried flowers. I just preserved my first bouquet and it turned out really beautiful. Love it!

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