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The Deliciousness of Slow Living

Harriet Thistlethwayte


Instagram: @yomargey


Important Lesson

One of the greatest lessons I have learnt is never to trust my feelings when I’m weary. Things always seem better in the morning!

Authors I Love

My favorite authors are Anne Tyler and Carol Shields, but one of my fav books of all time is Any Human Heart by William Boyd.

My Winter Tea

Redbush—caffeine-free and so comforting.

My Cozy Winter Essential

A log fire is something I always have in my home in winter. Warming and so welcoming.

Life Changer

Never go to sleep on an argument.

What’s Your Story?

I live in the house I grew up in, with my husband Thomas and dog Bullet. My happiest times are when my four children come to stay and we sit round the table chatting after a meal I have cooked.

The Deliciousness of Slow Living

To me, slow living means relishing the little things in life, be it a sunrise, the feel of fabric, the smell of a log fire. Also being mindful about myself and others and living my best life.

Grow Your Own

Grow your own vegetables if you are able to. They taste so much better, and the satisfaction of having grown them will make you feel fabulous. My favorite flowers are roses; there’s beauty amongst those thorns! Regarding plants, put the right plant in the right place. Don’t try to grow something that isn’t suited to its position or soil; it won’t thrive.

The Art of Knolling

It’s placing similar objects together in a flatlay and photographing them.

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