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The Eclectic SoCal Modern Escape

Abbie Naber

Owner/Head Designer: a. Naber Design


Photos: Jenny Siegwart & Corey Villicana


Paint I Love

I have my “go-to” whites and blacks:

• Exterior: White Picket Fence (Dunn Edwards)

• Interior: Simply White and Decorator’s White (Benjamin Moore)

• Black: Tricorn Black (Sherwin Williams) and Soot (Benjamin Moore)

*I tend to keep the canvas more neutral so that I can play around with patterns, color and textures elsewhere, but that’s a personal preference!

Working As a Full-time Designer

I think there’s a misconception that you are designing and creating beautiful spaces all of the time. The truth is that you may be designing for a very small percentage of that time. I spend more time on driving, talking with clients, dealing with contractors and ordering items than on the creative part of the job itself.

Creating Balance Between Work and Life as an Entrepreneur

I call this a “practice” because it takes work and acknowledgement. With a toddler at home, I try to maximize time during her nap. I also tend to get work done in the evening, when I tend to be more creative. I feel inadequate if I’m multitasking the work and mom life, so I try to block out specific work time ahead of time. If I’m not feeling creative, I don’t push it.


I LOVE wallpaper. I would use it over and over if I could! I think wallpaper is the perfect addition to a small powder room, a nursery or an accent wall!

Staying Organized

I’m an uber planner, so I don’t have a problem in this area. I like to create a task list on a Sunday night that gets me prepped for the week. I break down my work week day by day and set realistic expectations. Then I don’t feel overloaded when Monday morning happens.

Styling a Kitchen

I like to keep a balance between function and form. The kitchen is a high traffic area for us, so too many decorative items get in the way. I keep the space clutter free and add greenery or fresh florals to liven the space up. I also love a good vintage runner in a kitchen! If you’re going with open shelving, make sure that you house your decorative items there, not your mismatched cups and plates! That’s what the cabinets are for.

Instrumental Piece of Advice

Just go for it. What do you have to lose? I think when we are young, we are so worried about what will happen if something doesn’t work out. The older we get and the more experiences with failures and disappointments, the less afraid we are to lose.

Something I Wish I had Known

I think knowing that I don’t have to have extensive education in this field would have helped my confidence in the beginning. Many interior designers are not formally trained, the same with artists and fashion designers. I would’ve loved to be assured that the value of on-site experience is just as important!

Something We Wouldn’t Know

I raced around the world for one million dollars on the 21st season of the Amazing Race!

Designers I Love

I adore Leanne Ford for her creativity, risks and love for vintage. Sarah Sherman Samuel can do no wrong in terms of a modern, cool aesthetic that always happens to be slightly ahead of the curve. Natalie Myers does mid-century and modern with ease, slight edge and killer cool Cali vibes.

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