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Eclectic Maximalist: Leading with Color, Pattern and Texture

Designer Lucy Tiffney

Essex, UK


The 411:

Lucy Tiffney is an award-winning designer known for her colorful interiors. With her signature handpainted style, she creates standout wallpaper and fabric collections and has over inspired two million viewers on BBC’s The Great Interior Design Challenge. Series three now on Netflix.

Hashtags I Love

Creating A Space For Home + Work

I think that having two separate spaces for home and work is really important. I used to work from my dining room table, but about a year ago moved to a local studio. At home, our space is “a work in progress” where we continually add and take away. It has the objects and things in it that we love and have acquired and collected over the years that make it “home.” At work, I try to keep the studio more organized, less curated and more functional, but still with inspiring objects and finds around to nurture my creativity. I am inspired by so many things, more recently ranging from plants, flowers and the natural world and big skies to objects and artifacts collected from travels as well as the work of other artists and designers.

Best Design Advice

Go with your heart and gut and choose things that YOU love and can live with. Be bold with your wall color choices; you can always paint or wallpaper over them. Move or update things that you already have to try out new ideas without spending any extra money until you love it! Look at magazines, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. for inspiration. Also, visit exhibitions, holidays, markets, books to find your own sense of style.

Design Hack

I painted my hall/entrance floor about five years ago in a geometric tile design because I couldn’t afford the tiles I wanted at the time, and I’m still really pleased with it. I like the worn/aged look, so I probably won’t ever tile it, but may just repaint over it.

Tips For Healthy WorkFlow

1. Porridge for breakfast, drink lots of water and get lots of sleep (naps included).

2. I tend to spend quite a lot of time on my own in the studio, so getting out of the studio regularly for meetings is very important, as is bouncing ideas off other people.

3. Stay as organized as possible. Lots of to-do lists.

4. Maintain strong relationships with everyone, from the customers and the manufacturers to the couriers.

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