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Juxtaposition of Vintage + Modern: Layering, Mixing, Styling and Living with Intention

Paige Hull

Co-owner, The Vintage Round Top


Photos: Haylei Smith


Design Style

I’ve always been terrible at following rules! But the best design rule is to follow your heart. My heart is mixing vintage pieces in a very layered and super clean aesthetic. I love the juxtaposition of modern and vintage.

Creating a Nurturing Space

First and foremost, I love open spaces filled with natural light and lots of windows to observe nature. I tend to focus on creating clean lines with lots of textures, and I try to incorporate our vintage pieces from our travels. This is a great way to bring back travel memories and add depth, soul and feeling to our spaces. Comfortable seating, soft throws and pillows are a must, since being relaxed is important to us. I also love open shelving, which allows us to admire our beautiful collection of artisan-made pieces and succulents. Lastly, all of this is woven into a neutral color palette that allows each vintage piece or found object to stand on its own. I’m inspired by raw beauty, nature and travel.

Live with Intention

It’s our brand motto! We live, eat and breath by it. This motto started this whole new journey for us and continues to guide us today. The Vintage Round Top was born through our desire to do something creative together and to have a vacation home in the country where we could bring our family to get away from the city. We never thought those two things would intersect, but that’s how it all started.

Fun Fact About You

I do not have any formal training as an interior designer. I’ve always loved design and gone with my gut.

Creating Memories, Prioritizing and Work/Life Balance

We mainly work from a home office/studio, so it’s hard to turn it off. Therefore, family travel became extremely important to us. We love spending time connecting over trips and spending quality time with our family. We decided a long time ago we’d rather spend money on creating memories instead of buying more stuff. No one remembers what they got for Christmas five years ago, but we all remember the trips and adventures we’ve experienced together.

Sourcing Vintage Pieces

We are fortunate to own a home in Round Top, Texas, which holds one of the largest antique fairs in the world that runs twice a year in the spring and fall. We also travel abroad to Europe on buying trips for pieces to use in our cottages and to sell online. We have several storage units filled with items that we will “one day” get to use in one of our projects.

Tips For Choosing Paint Colors

Buy samples and paint as many swatches as possible on several different walls. Live with them for a few days and check how they look when it’s sunny, cloudy, at night, with and without lighting to determine your overall favorite.

Great Advice I Received

Find what you love to do and then figure out how make a living doing it. I’m a strong believer in following your dreams and creating your own luck.

Design Hack

We use vintage/antique furniture and decor not only to add history and depth to our space, but also to avoid only buying new. It’s a fine balance of mixing the two styles together, but it is so worth it on many levels.

If I Had to Choose One Color Palette

White—there are so many different shades of it. The decision then becomes more about texture and style. We love how light bounces off white and feels open and fresh.

Paige + Smoot Hull grew The Vintage Round Top from one vacation home rental in 2011 into a lifestyle brand that includes four cottages in Round Top, Texas, an artisan-made home goods line, an e-commerce shop with hand-picked vintage and a hotel amenity line, and also offers business and creative retreats and workshops.



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