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Botanicals! For the Love of Color: Unusual & Unexpected Palettes

Sophie Witham

Founder/Owner, Blossom & Dill


Instagram: @blossomanddill

Current Crush: Blossom & Dill, a creative flower and photographic studio set in the glorious countryside of the Cotswolds, England


Working with Color + Inspiration from the Masters

My work is greatly influenced by my masters in art history and my previous life of working for the Tate. I am inspired by many diverse sources, including Renaissance frescoes, the work of Henri Matisse, botanical illustration, collage paintings of William LaChance, Christian Tagliavini’s photography portraiture, geometry, textiles, collage, repeat patterns in Cole & Son’s wallpapers. I am particularly interested in a portrait like approach with a primary emphasis on color as the subject matter – unusual and unexpected color palettes that create floral patchworks reminiscent of an artist’s paint box or color chart. These combinations are of course endless. I was asked recently which is my favorite of my photographs and to be honest I haven’t got one as I am always simply on to the next looking for the perfect color capture.

True Beauty

The most beautiful people I know are the ones who are the most generous spirited and genuinely encouraging to other people. Generous in both what they do and how they speak to and about people when they are not present. They are the people who put other people first and do it with a lightness of touch and a great sense of humor.

Books + Authors That Move Me

I have recently enjoyed reading ‘Living with Leonardo’ by the brilliant scholar Martin Kemp. I love the vulnerability and transparency of the Psalms and the poignant writings of C.S. Lewis. Recent discoveries has been the wonderful photographs of Christian Tagliavini and the beautiful illustrations and wisdom of Charlie Mackesy.

Favorite Flowers

My favorite flowers are the small incidental ones. The ones that could go easily unnoticed – snowdrops, buttercups, forgetmenots—the flowers that aren’t flashy or shouty but are understatedly beautiful and without them no arrangement is complete.

The Cotswolds

It is a total treat to live and work in the Cotswolds with its outstanding natural beauty of expansive landscape and unspoilt rolling hills. When we first moved here someone said ‘you’ll always feel like you’re on holiday living here!’ I certainly still can’t believe this is actually home!

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