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Mid-Century and Danish Influenced Design with a Neutral Palette

Stylist Bettina Brent


Instagram: @bettina_brent

Photos: Gemma Carr


Design Idea I Love

When I asked my family this question, they answered with “plants!” I agree, just add indoor plants!

• Best Advice

Enjoy the process! Don’t be in a hurry to have it all perfect now, it takes time to collect those standout pieces and combine them into your style.

• What I Wish I’d Known Growing Up

I was so shy, and lacking in self-confidence. I wish I would have been bold, trusted my gut and followed my passion without the doubting little voice in my head.

• Something We Wouldn’t Know

I love getting packages in the mail, but if it’s surrounded with styrofoam I have to get my husband to unpack it, I can’t stand the sound of it.

Hashtags for Design Inspo

• Creating a Nurturing Space

Being a homebody, I love to have beautiful things I have collected around me. Photos of my family, treasures from our travels, crystals, candles and essential oils, art and books.

• Balancing Work + Home

We have three children, so it’s always been challenging for me to work around them and weigh up aesthetics with practicality. I try to get up before them to get organized, to have a quiet cup of tea and make one of my many lists.

• Proudest DIY Moment

I steamed off the wallpaper in our bedroom and accidentally removed some plaster, but it revealed a brick wall that I painted white and love! • Biggest Home Challenge Our home was owned by a hoarder for 40 years, it was condemned by the real estate agents, but we loved the mid century design and could see past the filth and water damage. My poor husband spent days repairing the original herringbone floors and continuing them into the adjoining areas - one of my favorite features.

• Pieces with a Story

I love to mix items I’ve saved for, with items from cheap homewares shops, but most of my items are second hand from thrift shops, eBay and Facebook marketplace or handed down from my family - I love pieces with a story.

• Self-Watering Pots: A Plant Lover’s Dream

When I first started collecting plants, I had a few go to plant heaven until I discovered cheap, plastic self watering pots. I swap them between planters and baskets depending on what I’m styling.

• Favorite Escape:

Bali I have an obsession with Bali, I’ve been there nearly every year for the last 10+ years. We recently stayed at Canggu and loved the slow lifestyle, incredible interior and garden design, cool cafes and beautiful homewares and furniture shops. I’ve definitely incorporated some Bali into my home with rattan, timber, raw ceramics and loads of boho cotton and linen cushions (pillows!).

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