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The Art of Savoring & Slow Living

Marina Kuznetcova

Siberia, Russia


Instagram: @00coffeecat00


Wellness Essentials

Good sleep is a main thing I would advise. As for me every day trainings, walking and healthy food help me to be energetic and full of strength. And a vital thing—a glass of warm water right after waking up.

Savor Everything

Slow living for me is to enjoy every single moment of your life no matter what your do – feel, smell, taste everything and save it in your mind. I’m a bookworm for sure, I love reading so much. There’s always a book on my sleeping table or in a bag. I also love perfumes and have a huge collection of perfume bottles, samples. Love to discover new scents and write stories inspired by them

What Surrounds You?

I absolutely love the place where I live now in Siberia. It’s just near the pine forest, the view from our living room is so unique, and inspiring no matter what season is outside.

Plant Lover Tips

I change the water twice a day, cut the stalks every morning. It helps to prolong the life of my bouquets.

My Winter Home Essentials

Spices to make a warming tea or mulled wine for a cozy evening and perfumed candles.

Tea Favorites

Thyme, sage and pear tea with elderflower syrup—so aromatic and warming.

Great Advice

Be yourself no matter what and listen to your inner voice, always.

Books and Authors I Recommend

I was blown away by Gabriel García Márquez’s, 100 years of Solitude, and it is still one my most favorite novels of all times. I also love contemporary French and British novelists, Didier Van Cauwelaert and Ian McEwan. And a huge and powerful novel that I’ve read recently, The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, makes you think of things that are really important in life.

Something New To Try

I discovered hot chocolate with chili pepper, a mind-blowing taste. Soon I’ll have a photo shoot with all things chocolate and this one will definitely be one of my models. Something that makes an ordinary things eye-catching, beauty is in small chaos, but not in your life of course, just on my photos

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