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Staying Present, Creative Slumps, + Patience with the Process

Anne M. Bentley


San Francisco, California



Advice To Creatives

The only advice I feel qualified to give a creative person is to not panic when you go through a slump. I’ve learned it’s a natural rhythm, the ups and downs. And the creative excitement always comes back. You may need a break!

Creative Tools I Love

Right now it’s all about the iPad and I haven't exhausted my excitement for creating this way yet. When I’m working on editorial illustrations, often I’ll spend a bit more time thinking about the problem at hand than I will drawing it. I like to have the idea pared down in my head before I begin painting. These kind of jobs usually have a very fast turnaround and I’ve found that I prefer to work this way. I’m not a fan of trend forecasting. I may follow a trend, but I don’t mean to! I’m always looking to do something different. This gets tricky and I’m not always successful in this regard, but I try!

Staying Present

Slow living to me it means living in the moment, not rushing to the next thing always. Still working on this one.

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