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Bathing in Joy and Basking in Beauty

Berry Aktuglu

Milan, Italy

Founder of Atelier Mave Design Studio



What does slow living mean to you?

Being organic in every aspect of life as much as possible; turning back to our peaceful nature without pushing our boundaries or labeling ourselves.

Getting lost to connect

When I’m confused or sad, I get lost in the city; walk in the streets without thinking where to go or what to do. Just walk. It helps me to put my thoughts in order. I think what is important for nurturing your spirit is to first reconnect with yourself and being kind to yourself.

What was the best piece of business advice you were given when you were starting out?

Be patient, be persistent and do things one step a time.

Any advice you have for creatives or entrepreneurs?

I think the important thing is being determined. If you do believe in yourself and what you do, the rest is working like a clockwork which means that you have a clear roadmap; foreseeing the opportunities and challenges ahead, having a perseverance stance and knowing the setbacks and how to deal with them right. I believe, other than these crucial mindsets and habits, everyone has their own way and own stories for starting up on a business.

Wellness Advice

Couple of years ago, my husband and I started to read the labels and ingredients of whatever we buy; from food to skincare products. Now, we really pay attention from what we eat to what fabric we put on.

Where do you pull from when you create?

Atelier Mave is my playground where I freely draw my own lines. I am particularly inspired by the vintage objects and clothes, retro films, childhood memories, old picture books, nature and simple things of everyday life. I remold all of these inputs and create my own lighthearted characters where I turn them into Mave’s own playful alphabet. My mission (and motivation) with my brand is to make twinkles in people’s heart and I think these all start with the meaning of Mave; it means joy in Irish and also represents being optimistic and energetic. Mave literally illustrates me!

Creative tools you love?

My pastel and gouache paints! They can color a bad day into a heartwarming peach pink.

If you could say something to every woman?

You are the only one who can dream about and built up your own life, don’t ever give this pleasure to somebody else.

Always Shifting

I think beauty isn’t a static state, it’s an energy and a movement. It’s constantly changing as we grow; as our beliefs and world shift.

Milan Cafes

There are so many nice cafes popping out in Milan these days. My favorite ones Pause Milano, Hygge Milano and of course, a Wes Anderson classic Bar Luce.

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