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Loft Living in Knoxville: Retro-inspired, Collected & Eclectic

Anne Thomas

Installation Artist

Visual Art Director at Altar’d State

~ Instagram: @anne_made_

Photos: Casey Perfetto (@kcperfetto)


Working As An Installation Artist

My job as a Visual Art Director is to conceptualize, create and construct window displays for the women’s clothing retailer, Altar’d State, so I get to make stuff with my hands for living which is such a dream!

Bossy vs. Leader

When women are assertive they’re called “bossy”. When men are assertive they get called “a leader”. I wish I’d been more assertive and less worried about being bossy—because that’s complete bullshit!

Productive Workflow

Listening to podcasts while I work keeps my mind busy and helps the day to fly by!

Something We Wouldn't Know

I have a large collection of power tools

Life Changing Advice

Don’t stop until you’re proud.

Hashtag I Love

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