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Contemplation, Deep Reflection and Living in the Moment

Illustrator Carolina Parada

Born in the Mountains of Columbia

Based Paris, France



• Great Advice From My Father

My father always told me that I should consider failure as a potential outcome of any plan. I wasn’t always happy when he talked about failure because but that advice has been very useful at difficult moments and also at the good ones. It has helped me both face failure and react to it quickly. My father’s advice has also been important to me in dealing with success as it taught me to appreciate it and to be humble when everything works well.

• Words For Women

Women have had a very difficult path in history, full of inequality and injustice, and even so we have managed to stand out in many different fields and to contribute significantly to the development of our societies. There’s a long way before sexism disappears but we can all work from our small corner to make it happen. I thank women in the past for their sacrifices, which made our lives easier. I hope our current efforts will also be meaningful for women in the future.

• A Great Life Lesson

You can get as real as you want. My father died a few years ago. His death changed completely the way I see time, happiness, and life. To me time with the family and for the family is sacred no matter how busy you are or how important your job is. It’s still not as important as sharing with your family and beloved ones.

• Compassionate Communication

Very recently I was introduced to the concept of nonviolent communication or compassionate communication that was developed by psychologist Marshall Rosenberg. This approach is based on the belief that we all have the potential to be compassionate and empathetic towards one another and is based on observation without judgement. Although I am new to the concept, it has already helped me understand myself better and identify my needs. I believe that knowing what you really need is the first step in taking care of your mind/spirit and is crucial for making honest connections with the people around you.stylish strangers with my camera.

• Contemplation

Slow living to me is closely linked to the opportunities we have to contemplate and enjoy the present. Contemplation is a deep reflection or observation of what surrounds us, it involves all our senses, and can result in moments of fullness and happiness. I have been drawing contemplative girls for a while with the idea that through contemplation, through slow living, we could fight superficiality.

• Advice you have for creative entrepreneurs?

Be honest and disciplined. To me these two characteristics are even more important than having talent to succeed in art. for a while with the idea that through contemplation, through slow living, we could fight superficiality.

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