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Hanover, Germany. Creating Magic & Simple Living

Friederike André

Hanover, Germany


Instagram: @fredi_boldt


Taking Care of Your Spirit

Listen to your heart and soul. Don’t do anything you feel uncomfortable with only to please others. You cannot please everyone.

Great Advice

My boyfriend always tells me that I have to do my own thing and I should not live the life other people expect me to live. I try to keep that in mind everyday.

Author I love

Rupi Kaur

Slow Living

Slow living means to me that you have to think twice or even more often about doing or buying new things, especially when it comes to buying new clothes and furniture, for example. I am always asking myself: Do I really need this new stuff or do I maybe have something similar already at home? When something is broken, I first try to fix it before buying something new. It also means to me, that you have to take care of the things you already have and to appreciate them. Most of our flat is thrifted stuff or from friends who don't want them anymore. It pleases me to give them a second life.

Creativity + Inspiration

I pull creativity from nature, especially flowers and their beauty of colors. I am also get inspired by other Instagram accounts. I go jogging several times a week and it always helps me to structure my thoughts and getting away from negativity that’s why it helps me a lot to bring up my creative ideas.

Places To Visit in Germany

I love traveling around Germany and getting to know my homeland.There are a lot of beautiful places around you, you just have to be open minded and look at the details. Heidelberg is a really beautiful city in the southwest of Germany, where you can go hiking and visit the beautiful castle, for example. I also love the north sea and the little islands around there, like Wangerooge. You don't have to fly around the world to find beautiful places. Sometimes they are at your doorstep – like my hometown Hanover. It’s a really beautiful city where you are surrounded by nature. It has one of the biggest city parks in the world, the Eilenriede.

Advice on Self-care and Wellness

If I feel stressed out I go for a walk or jogging. It helps me to free my mind and most of the time my problems seem to be much smaller afterwards.

Greatest Lesson

When I was 16 years old I went to South Africa as an exchange student and lived there for a few months, in an area with extreme poverty. The people had nearly nothing, only a little clothing, no internet, no food, sometimes even no water. But they were also happy. I have learned to appreciate the things I have and don’t think about the things I don’t own.

Life Advice

Be true to yourself and do your own thing, don't try to copy others. Don´t do anything you feel uncomfortable with, only to please others. Be open minded – there are a lot of opportunities in various directions.

What I wish I knew 15 years ago

Honestly there is nothing that I wish I knew 15 years ago. I feel like the more you know and the older you get the more difficult gets life. There are many things about general problems in this world, I am happy I didn´t know when I was younger. I am really lucky that my childhood was carefree.

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