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Playing with Pens, Words, and Ideas

Ella Kasperowicz

Author + Illustrator of #SquadGoals: The Friendship Book

Staffordshire, England



Creative Tools I Love

I love screen printing and risograph printing, and how the color limitations these processes implicate make you think more creatively. Also with these processes, illustrations are printed in limited batches which I think is more special in a digital and mass produced world.

What I Wish I Had Known

That exams, popularity and having a ‘perfect’ body are not worth stressing about, and everything works out in the end. Just to be myself!

Essential Business Lesson

BACK UP WORK! Because one day you’re going to spill a cup of tea over your laptop.

Advice For Creatives

Be original, do what makes you happy and keep going!

New Projects

This year I’m hoping to start producing murals so my work can be interacted with on a large scale. I’m also working on finding ways to combine textiles and illustration as I’m really interested in sustainable fashion.

Travel Favs

I recently went to Lisbon and thought it was beautiful! I love how colorful the buildings are, all the street art and tiles. There also seems to be lots of art studios popping up like LX Factory and Village Underground amongst historical areas.

Bristol In the UK, Bristol is my fave city that I’ve visited because it is arty, friendly and has great food/ drink places.

Travel Tips

I’ve had my fair share of travel nightmares. Keep valuables close, carry photocopies of important documents. Packing light is a good idea. I invested in a travel towel to save room and I always pack loads of earrings so I don’t get bored of outfits. Also when I went on my big adventure I bought the ugliest pair of geography teacher sandals but they were the comfiest and best things ever!

Author I Love

I LOVE Caitlin Moran. She’s hilarious, relatable and says some really important things. ‘How To Be A Woman’ is a must-read.

Spirit Self-Care

Getting enough sleep, eating my greens and trying to not be too hard on myself.

Great Life Advice

‘Go for it’…I’m lucky enough to have amazing family and friends (including lovely ladies at work) that tell me if I want to do something, just go and do it.


I recently went on my first ever solo adventure in which I discovered amazing friends, plankton that glows in the dark, weaving, scuba diving and that I can’t surf to save my life. Best of all I discovered that if I put my mind to something then I can do it.

Appreciate What You Have

One of the most important things I’ve learnt is that everyone has their own issues, or has struggled in the past. It’s easy sometimes to complain and let your problems hold you back instead of appreciating what you do have in life.

Slowing It Down

Although I’m definitely guilty of trying to cram as much stuff into life as possible, slow living to me is appreciating where things come from. I buy pretty much all my clothes from charity shops and independent ethical retailers and am slowly getting better at crafting my own. I also love cooking from scratch.

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