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Sparkling Joy from Within

Carolina Castillo

Montreal, Canada

Lorraine, Quebec



• Beauty To Me

Beauty is authenticity. It’s a sparkling joy coming from within.

• Advice for Entrepreneurs

Discipline and organization. I know it sounds old school but you need to find a way to get organized. If your working place and your agenda are organized, you will be more motivated to work. Then, the magic will happen and you will get creative!

• Slow Sundays

Allow yourself to do nothing. Disconnect! I love my Sundays because I don’t need to look at my watch and I can stay home all day!

• Favorites Authors

There are two books that have been enlightening me recently. Ingrid Fetell Lee with “Joyful, the surprising power of ordinary things to create extraordinary happiness” and Elizabeth Gilbert with her book “Big Magic”. Since I work with kids, I love the book collection: “Good night stories for Rebel Girls.” Books I believe every girl should have!

• Never Stop Working!

I understand that at times you might need to take breaks to concentrate on family or studies but it’s important to keep a job, a project or challenge. It makes you feel so proud and it’s something you do for yourself.

• To Every Woman

You are beautiful and you are unique! Never forget that! You need to accept yourself and be proud of who you are.

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