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AdVANture + Life On The Road in Europe

Soul Explorers Baru and Kathi


Instagram: @advanture_wives

Meet Baru from the Czech Republic and Kathi from Germany. They met in Spain, fell crazy in love, got married three months later and they’re living their dream in a self-converted camper van, traveling to more than 20 countries so far.



No risk, no fun.

Slow Living To Us

Kathi: Slow living means having time to really being in a moment without always having to look at the time and being in the head already with the next step. To have time for ourselves, our love and our relationship -- which is a lot of beautiful work. I personally need a lot of time and space to listen inside me, how I feel about things and also to reflect my reactions and emotions. And even more time to talk about everything with Baru. But slow living also means that sometimes it takes us all day just to do the groceries and cook. Thats the moment when we really seriously wonder how people can manage to work full time, have a social life, hobbies, a sex life, feed themselves and raise a kid?! I mean how?

How Do We Enjoy Life Even More

Probably our biggest motivation is to always come up with new ideas on how to enjoy life even more. And to show to all people who doubt us and don’t believe that it can be easy, creating the life of your dreams. There is nothing holding you back. It's all in your hands and it is so easy.

Ways To Take Care Of Your Spirit

Staying pure in body and mind with vegan lifestyle, being honest, taking care how we speak and think about others, observing thoughts and constantly working on a positive view on things. I try looking in the mirror and telling myself that I am okay, accepted and loved exactly how I am, avoiding stress, and being humble.

Great Life Advice

Say no, don’t spend time with people who drain you, spend time with people that energize you, have alone time, and drinking a lot of water.

Great Advice From Mum

When I was a teenager and had my first lovesickness, my mum told me that I should observe my problems from a very far distance and in relation to time and space of the universe. From that perspective my problems really didn't seem so big anymore.

Our Favorite Cities

Kathi: Berlin! Since the first moment my feet touched Berlin ground I felt that this is my home, that I belong there. The city is so colorful and alternative. I love for example that no matter how hard you try, you can impossibly be in any circumstance over or underdressed. There is just an indescribable freedom in this city, you can be whoever you want to be. Also Berlin is the mother of Techno music and culture. The Berlin techno club scene is the most unique in the whole world. It's a complete parallel universe where you can get completely lost and time stops to exist. Even though I am a long time out of this phase, the experiences I made there were just magic and I will keep them in my heart forever.

Baru: Prague! I moved there when I was 16 and I became who I am now growing up there. What Berlin is to Kathi, Prague is to me without the Techno.

Both: And Sofia is our new favorite city of all! We only were there for two days but we fell in love! Since then it's our dream to live there for a while. The look, atmosphere and features like cool bars and vegan restaurants remind us of our favorite areas in Berlin and Prague. And it's so cheap.

Any Favorite Cafes

Kathi: Baru doesn't drink coffee and refuses to pay more than 1 Euro for tea, so we never end up in cafes. Though a few weeks ago, we secretly sneaked into Starbucks to download the new episode of Game of Thrones.

Travel Tips

Hitchhiking is a great and cheap way to travel and we always meet so nice and interesting people in Europe. If you travel by van or tent and you want to wild camp, use the app, park4night. It's so easy to find amazing camp spots and you save a lot of fuel.

Van Life

We’re usually In our camper van, somewhere in Europe. We just bought a piece of land in southern Portugal and plan to create a little off-the-grid home base there, so we have a place where we can come back to after traveling and settle down a bit.

Advice For Women

Baru: Don't be ashamed of your nipples.

Creative Tools We Love

Our camera and our guitar. Sometimes we just sit outside during a sunset and I am playing some chords and Baru is improvising a melody and lyrics with it. We created some serious magic like that. Unfortunately we can never do it twice the same.

What is beauty to you?

Kathi: I don't believe that somebody is statically beautiful. In my opinion, beauty is an entity itself and is only visits us when we are open for it. We are beautiful when we are fully connected and in the present moment, when there are no barriers that separate us from the outer world and the people around us. This has to do a lot with love, with being in (the state of) love. When love is shining through our eyes then we are truly beautiful. Love and beauty are probably the same thing. I just realized that I could contemplate about beauty for a long time.

Hobbies We Love

Baru: We both love to read -- but that's about it with common hobbies. I love to write poems and songs, to sing and play the guitar. Also I like to be active, do yoga and walk in nature. Kathi loves all extreme sports like surfing, skating, snowboarding, motorbiking. She loves everything that’s crazy and gives her some adrenaline rush. She is crazy, but apart from that she is super lazy! Ten horses can’t bring her to walk with me in the morning and she has no problem with chilling all day in a hammock or on the sofa with her book and her coffee.

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