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The Minted Mama: Shopping Hacks and a Love of Wallpaper

Candace Alongi

Style and Living Blogger

Toronto, Canada


Photos: Darby Mitchell Photography


Add Those Patterns!

Include a little bit of pattern in every room! Whether it’s wall-to-wall floral wallpaper, a pair of striped armchairs in an otherwise muted space, or a simple polka dot throw pillow just to get started - adding pattern and print to your home will dramatically amp up the style factor. Lately, I’ve been challenging myself to try mixing contrasting patterns both at home and the result has been so inspiring. Try to push yourself beyond your comfort level and the results may just surprise!

Shopping Hack

My best kept shopping secret (although not really a secret at all) is FB Marketplace. I see no reason to pay full retail price for some furniture when you can get just as decent quality of a piece secondhand. I’ve scored so many amazing pieces (also saved a ton of money along the way) - and there’s absolutely nothing a little paint and love can’t fix!

Design Hack

If you’re anything like me - I’m constantly forgetting what color I used on a wall and can never find the swatch when I need it. A great trick so that your color is always on hand when you need it most is to hide a little piece of the swatch behind the light switch in each room. This way even years down the road when you’re redecorating a space and need to know what color was used, it’s right at your fingertips.

Wallpaper Wallpaper Wallpaper

Wallpaper is my absolute favorite design element in a space because it brings so much personality and character to a room that paint on it’s own could never do. While many people are afraid of the commitment factor, thanks to removable wallpaper it now couldn’t be easier to get creative with a beautiful print, and be able to easily remove it (without damaging the walls) when necessary.

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