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Designed For Creativity: Creating A Home/Work Space You Love

Productivity, Vibrance and Working Smarter

Instagram: @originmagazine

Styling by Sara Huckett for Greenhouse Interiors

Photography by Armelle Habib


Power Hour

The first hour of your day is the most important, and it sets the tone for the rest. Don’t check your social media or voicemails, and knock out as much as you can in the first hour.

Personalize Personalize Personalize

One size does not fit all. Design matters. Throw out convention, fluorescent lighting and bad furniture. Don’t decorate or design based on culture expectations. Make it work for you, no matter how unconventional it may seem. When you put people in uncommon spaces, you get fresh ideas and more originality.

Make a Plan

Get to your desk about 10 minutes early and visualize your day, listing your daily tasks. Remember, you get to shape your day instead of getting swept up in it.

Have a Diverse Team

Shake it up. Have millennials to 60+. Get perspective and balance fresh ideas with experience.

Keep It Positive

Thoughts become things, so it’s important to monitor your thoughts and your words. Always envision the best outcome and use obstacles as opportunities to be creative and innovative.

Let’s Get Personal

People are more creative when you let them be themselves. Bring dogs to the office; fill your space with plants and personal items, good art and family photos; and build a loyal community and deeper relationships.

Controlled Chaos and Clutter

We always hear that you have to clear your space of all clutter, but creatives don’t always work that way. Having a system for controlled chaos sometimes nurtures creativity more than a spotless space.

Wellness + Productivity

The better your team feels, the better they will perform. Have aromatherapy, essential oils, herbal teas, a great coffee machine, and creative books and quiet spaces available when they need a five-minute brain rest and recharge.

Time Travel

Give yourself a specific amount of time to complete each task. Otherwise, your projects can take much longer if you don't set a definite amount of dedicated time to focus and complete. Productivity demands focus, and that means narrowing down your to-do list.

Drink Drink

Want to keep your brain sharp, stay at the top of your game, and have glowing skin while you do it all? You have to drink more water than you think is necessary. The more you drink the better you feel, and running to the bathroom can increase circulation and restart your creativity.

Organize Your Mailbox

Create labels, set up the filters, delete everything unnecessary; have a system that get you down to zero in your inbox every Friday.

Color + Creativity

Don’t be afraid to add color and personal touches. It brings warmth and vibrance. Give your team tools to create in a variety of ways. Some people create on computers, others are more tactile and need texture, crayons, markers, paper or drawing boards. I love working from home. Surround yourself in beauty, art and freshness. Some days I feel better working in the bedroom. Move around your home space to shake up the energy if you need.

Play Time

Run outside, stretch, do jumping jacks or just stand up when you start to feel yourself drifting. Take a 10-minute power break.

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