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Incorporating Natural Elements, Her Vintage-Rug Obsession & Pops of Color


Laura Santora

Mission Viejo, CA


Photos: Allison Richter + Laura Santora


Refresh Your Space

I think a super easy way to refresh a space is to shop your own home. Switching rugs, pillows and art around can really change the feel of your home and you don’t have to spend a ton of cash doing it.

My Fav Places to Shop!

First off, I love going to vintage shops and flea markets! You can find so many good pieces, even if they need a little love to get them what you want them to be. I also love supporting local shops: some of my favorites are The Garage Collective in Laguna Beach; Loom and Kiln, an online vintage rug shop; and RJ Imports, a super rad vintage shop in San Juan Capistrano. I could go on for days. Finding a piece that is unique can really make a design project stand out, and I think that is one of the keys to a successful design.

Proud DIY Moment—A Woven Canvas

My favorite DIY project has to be my woven canvas wall I created in my office. I was trying to come up with something unique. When I came across a photo of woven canvas, I knew that was it! Taking that image and creating it on a larger scale was a little tricky, but I am obsessed with the detail and texture it gives to my office!

I’m Obsessed with Wood Paneling Right Now!

I just did a surprise bar makeover for my hubby while he was out of town. I incorporated slatted wood paneling on the walls and ceiling, and I’m so happy with the result. It makes a great statement piece.

Instrumental Piece of Advice

I would say to just go for it; you never know until you try. For so many years, I put off starting my own business because I was afraid of what people would think of my work, or if it was good enough. I have since learned that there will always be people who judge and criticize, but there will also be those who really enjoy what you do, and that makes it all worth it.

Work Life Balance

I think it’s super important to take time for yourself. From my experience as a busy mom of three little girls, when I don’t take that time, I’m less productive and more on edge with work, kids, husband, etc. I have found that making time to work out really helps me be a happier, more productive human.

Hashtags I Love

I am a host of the hashtag #peepmypad. Some others that I love using are #ispyraddesign, #doingneutralright, #inspiremeneutral, #homesohard, #thatroomiseverything, #delightofdecor

Major Life Lesson

I can get really excited about projects and want to hurry up and get started on them, and for me, I think one of the biggest life lessons is to just take my time and really think it through all the way. Rushing into something, whether it’s for yourself or for a client, can end in regret, which can also lead to more money spent to complete it the correct way.

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